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Kunos Simulazioni von Digital Bros Gekauft

Frühere Berichte deuten darauf hin, Digital Bros Group, ein italienisches Unternehmen mit Büros rund um den Globus, haben Kunos Simulazioni gekauft, das Entwickler Studio verantwortlich für Rennsimulation Assetto Corsa.

Assetto Corsa - Porsche, Mercedes und McLaren  auf der Nordschleife

Assetto Corsa - Porsche  auf der Nordschleife

Assetto Corsa - Porsche und Mercedes auf der Nordschleife

Sehr wenige Informationen darüber sind bekannt, was die Übernahme durch die Digital Bros Group für Assetto Corsa bedeutet, oder auch ob die aktuellen Gründer Marco Massarutto und Stefano Casillio bleiben werden.

Die Digitale Bros-Group haben bereits eine Verbindung mit Kunos Simulazioni über 505 Games,  Die Distributoren der Konsolenversion von Assetto Corsa. In einer Erklärung, die von der Digital Bros Group veröffentlicht wurde, scheint es, dass das volle Eigentum an Kunos Simulations vereinbart wurde, die Übertragung des Eigentums von Assetto Corsa und Kunos weg von den aktuellen Gründermitglieder Stefano Casillo und Marco Massarutto. Mit dem Öffentlich werden dieser Nachricht sind weitere Pläne, wie die neue Struktur aussehen wird, wer am Titel und an der Zukunft beteiligt ist, noch nicht bekannt.

Sie können die Erklärung nachlesen (Entschuldigung für Google Translate).



Digital Bros has signed a preliminary agreement to acquire 100% of Kunos Simulations srl through the payment of 2,750,000 Euros and 150,000 shares of newly issued Digital Bros Identified the beneficiaries of the Stock Option Plan 2016-2026, the quantities of options granted, the exercise window and the subscription price

Milan, January 20, 2017 – The Board of Directors of Digital Bros, listed on the Star segment of the Italian Stock Exchange and active in the digital entertainment sector, which met today approved the signing of an investment agreement having as its object the acquisition of 100 % of the Kunos Simulations Srl, Italian Racing Assetto developer. In the same session were also identified the beneficiaries of the options of the “Stock Option Plan 2016-2026” (the “Plan”), recently approved by the shareholders, the quantities of options granted, the exercise window and the unit price subscription.

Acquisition of 100% Kunos Simulations srl
Kunos Simulations srl It is an Italian company based in Formello (RM), which has all the latest years of experience in the construction of simulators for the main Italian automotive companies. Following this experience has developed and launched during 2014 Assetto Corsa, a video game that was a great success with critics and audiences in the Steam PC versions, Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One, with over 1.4 million copies sold worldwide to date. 505 Games, the division of the Digital Bros Group that deals with international publishing of video games, has during 2015 signed a publishing agreement the console versions.

Assetto Corsa puts to players 150 cars, reproduced in every aspect, from the most prestigious global automotive brands such as Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Porsche and many others. Through the use of laser scan technology, every detail of the most famous tracks in the world has been reproduced with the utmost level of accuracy making the game a true sports driving simulation.

With this acquisition, the Digital Bros Group intends to grow more and more as a publisher and developer of games able to collect worldwide success and be always ready to meet the demands of an increasingly demanding public. The acquisition allows full control of the intellectual property and the opportunity for the Group to invest in the future development of new versions of Assetto Corsa benefiting from an extremely well-positioned brand in the world market for video games. The fact that the Group already owns the publishing rights of Assetto Corsa for the console version also involves synergies in terms of brand positioning and optimization of advertising investments at a time when the rights are to be held entirely by the Group.

The transaction involves the acquisition by Digital Bros S.p.A. 100% of the shares of Kunos Simulations srl entity held by the two founders Stefano Casillo and Marco Massarutto being equal, for a total nominal value of Euro 4,341,500 Euros that will be paid as follows:

     Euro 1,375,000 entirely in cash on the date of execution;
     Euro 1,375,000 entirely in cash within one year from the date of execution;
    Euro 1,591,500 through the issue of 150,000 new ordinary shares of Digital Bros at a unit price of 10.61

EUR equal to the arithmetic mean of the shares of Digital Bros reference prices for the last six months. The issue will be subject to the approval of the Shareholders’ Meeting called for March 13.
In the absence of financial data of Kunos Simulations srl December 31, 2016, pricing was made by assuming a net assets at the same date amounted to $ 10,000, of any changes to this value will be an increase or decrease in the second installment of cash payment.
Kunos Simulations srl realized during the year to 31 December 2015, the last available financial statements, revenues of 3.3 million euros and a net profit of 1.7 million euros. Shareholders’ equity at 31 December 2015 amounted to 3.1 million euros.

No special form of financing has been provided for the operation which will therefore be financed through the existing credit lines and whose execution date is expected by April 30, 2017.
The agreement is binding on the parties and is subject to a condition precedent to the effect of any significant findings that may emerge from the due diligence process to be put in place as soon as the financial data at December 31, 2016 will be available as well as to the positive resolution of ‘ General Meeting of Shareholders of Digital Bros.

The shares that will be issued in favor of the two selling shareholders will be fully available when the Board of Directors of Digital Bros has completed the formalities required by art. 2343-quater of the Civil Code.
It is expected that the acquisition will not significantly affect the forecasts of widespread previously Group.
“Stock Option Plan 2016-2026” ( “the Plan”)

The Board of Directors, following the mandate given by the General Meeting which took place on January 11, 2017, has resolved to grant 744,000 options to 14 beneficiaries of the Plan, the quantities of options granted, the exercise window and the unit price subscription.

    The Plan expires on 30 June 2026 and, following the award may be subscribed 744,000 common shares Digital Bros at Euro 10.61 per share, as follows:

     No. 223,200 shares as of 1st July, 2019;
     No. 223,200 shares as of July 1, 2022;
     No. 297,600 shares as of July 1, 2025.

The signing will take place with the payment of 10.61 euros per share, equal to the average of the reference prices of the shares of Digital Bros the six months preceding the date hereof.
    Assignees of the rights of the options are:

     the Chairman of the Board of Directors Abramo Galante to which are attributed 200,000 options;
     Managing Director Raffaele Galante to which are attributed 200,000 options;
     Executive Director Stefano Salbe which are attributed 120,000 options;
     Executive Director Dario Treves which are attributed 50,000 options;
     10 employees of the Digital Bros Group to which 174,000 options were granted.

Raphael Galante, CEO of Digital Bros S.p.A. said – “These two transactions underline in what clearly is the orientation that the Group intends to pursue a long-term perspective, which is to be always present, competitive and professionally trained in a sector, that of video games, which is constantly in evolution. On one hand, we believe that the stock option plan constitutes the main long-term incentive instrument through which the Group intends to preserve the human capital available. On the other hand, the acquisition of Kunos strengthens the portfolio of IP (Intellectual Properties) held by the Group, and are sure that thanks to the professional skills of undoubted talent and tried forming the Kunos team achieve great things “.

Other resolutions of the Board of Directors:
The Board of Directors has approved the specialist of the mandate arrangement whereby Banca Akros with effect from 5 March 2017.

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Listed in the STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange, the Digital Bros Group is a global company that operates since 1989 in the development, publishing and distribution of content of game entertainment – video games – on the world market through various channels available: retail and digital – web, social, Wireless.
The Digital Bros Group is active worldwide through its direct operations in Italy, the US, UK, France, Spain, Germany and China, employing ca. 240 employees.

The Group’s head office is in Milan, from where all activities are coordinated. Digital Bros operates in the three markets of the development, publishing and distribution through its brands 505 Games and Halifax.
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